Part time courses

   PART TIME TUITION is sometimes available on a 1:1 basis 

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I have been asked about the option of studying  Fashion & Design on a part time basis. So, if you’re interested in studying but don’t want a full time course then this may be of interest to you…..

You would be able to study the modules you require but as previously offered in the ‘Fashion Institute’ FASHION & DESIGN  DIPLOMA. 

The hours you are available for study can be discussed and would ultimately be up to you but I suggest as follows:- Wednesday and Friday

Wed :– 6.0 hrs    (10:00 till 4:30pm) inc ½ hr for lunch –

Fri:-     6.0 hrs     (10:00 till 4:30pm) inc ½ hr for lunch –

The charge for this study option is 50e per day in a class of two or more or €15 a hour 1:1. (75e a day)  and includes pattern cutting paper for block and pattern  development. Payment is a month in advance and is due at the start of the first class of the month. No repayment will be paid if the student cancels a class but fees will be returned if the class is cancelled by the Institute.

This is an example of the modules previously offered on the full time course.




 PREVIOUSLY TAUGHT  OVER TWO YEARS as part of the “Fashion and Design Course ”                                                                                                   History of Fashion, Design  Fundamentals, Sewing & Construction Techniques for Haute Couture & RTW markets, Designing your range, Pattern Block Development, Pattern Cutting, Illustration, Portfolio skills, Draping on the Stand, Toile & Sample Development, Experimental Cutting, Fabric Print Design, Fabric Manipulation and Surface design, Sustainability & Recycling, Trend Research, CAD Software, Mood Boards & Presentation, Costing & Sourcing, Business Start up.

Please call or email and we will work with you to develop a timetable that suits your requirements.


Examples of a print that was developed in the textile design project, year 2.

With a complete understanding of the industry and an absolute passion for fashion, we don’t just educate, we aim to create innovative and confident designers and artisans, who are totally confident in their subject. So whether you aspire to produce beautiful, unique and exciting garments for yourself, or you’re ultimately hoping to follow us in to the Fashion Industry, we will be there to guide, develop and totally inspire you. The individual modules taught are also open to all interested but please call or email to discuss or book your place. The names of the modules that were previously taught over two years  at diploma level are listed above. FASHION INSTITUTE DIPLOMA in “FASHION & DESIGN”