About the Institute

Pattern Cutting                 

                   The Fashion Institute.                Sewing & pattern cutting classes on the Costa Del Sol 

The perfect class is just waiting for YOU, right here on the Costa Del Sol. We offer a selection of SEWING, FASHION DESIGN and PATTERN CUTTING classes that have been attracting people all along the coast from Gibraltar to Nerja and everywhere in between! We have a variety of sewing machines and over-lockers to choose from in class and we also have 6 tailors stands and mannequins for you to work on.

5 minutes from the peaje and also ‘EL ZOCCO’ in the Urb. Sitio De Calahonda, we are very easy to find. Contact me here for detailed instructions prior to arrival for your 1st class.

If you are just looking for some sewing instruction or tuition in how to use a sewing machine the that’s easily sorted but if you want to develop some ideas you have into a business, then we can help with that too! Working with you to bespoke a course to your own requirements and time restrictions.


Set on the coast of the Costa Del Sol,  our classes go from 1:1 tuition, up to a maximum of 4 people at a time. They’re also informal, not to mention fun! Some students want to learn to recycle their older clothes. Some are making clothes for themselves, family or friends. Some want to learn new life skills or to try something new that explores their creative side and others have a plan to develop their own clothing or fashion range.


No mater which category you think you fall in to, you’ll be using ‘professional’ equipment and easily achieving a sewing quality level normally found in shop bought clothes. Our ultimate aim is that your work always looks professional and you are proud of it.

With your newly learned skills, not,

“Did you MAKE that yourself?” The question will be …”Where did you BUY that?”    



















If you at school here on the coast and are studying for a qualification in “FASHION, TEXTILE, or CLOTHING ” as part of  your GCSE  ART, contact me for sewing classes or for specific help with your project.